Its Time for a New Douglas County Sheriff

At the Republican County Assembly on March 22, 50% of the delegates voted for change in the leadership of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. However, one of my two opponents and I split that vote and I was 23 votes short of having my name placed on the June 24 Primary ballot.

The only name that will appear on that ballot is the "status quo next-in-line" from the regime that's been in charge of the sheriff's office for over three decades.

We are considering a Write-In candidacy for the General Election on November 4. That means that if the voters want change and fresh, new ideas in the sheriff's office, we need to educate the voters that they will need to color in the bubble and write Lora Thomas on the line on their November ballot for Sheriff.

If you may be interested in joining the team that will be needed to initiate positive and much needed change in our sheriff's office, please click on the Contact Lora button below or call me on my personal cell phone at 303-895-7299.


Lora Thomas